Johannes Till

choreography |

 Joseph Hernandez

music |

 Johannes Till

stage, costume & light design |Joseph Hernandez

premiere | 


Lincoln Performance Hall


produced by |  


„a semi-curated list of beginnings or reorganizing Euripides”

NW dance project, Portland

The 11th annual Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition created in 18 intense hours working with the 30 talented dancers selected for our 2019 LAUNCH project.

choreography |

 Joseph Hernandez

music & composition | Johannes Till

stage & costume design | Yannick Cosso,

 Jordan Pallages

lightdesign | Samuel Thery

premiere | Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monaco 26.07.2018

produced by | Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Fotos & Video |   

Alice Blangero

The Lavender Follies

Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Created for Choreographer Joseph Hernandez

and the Ballets de Monte Carlo. Premiering at July the 26th in the Opera of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

filmed by ZDF and soon available on DVD

on TV at the 01.09.2018 / 20:15 / 3sat


Kill your … !

EZK Hellerau

concept, choreography, performance | Cindy Hammer, Joseph Hernandez, Johanna Roggan, Anna Till

music & composition | Johannes Till

stage & costume design | Yannick Cosso, Jordan Pallages

lightdesign | Falk Dittrich

Premiere l HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts Dresden (GER), 24./25.10.2017

produced by | HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts

Fotos  |   

Ian Whelan, Stephan Floß

A play in four acts: 

four choreographers who are also the play's four performers. The stage as a real place which exerts an effect. Sensitivity trumps knowledge. The site of utopian dreams; a playground which builds bridges. Rewriting the story.


EZK Hellerau

choreography & dance | 

Jason Jacobs, Souleymane Ladji Koné, Katia Manjate, Anna Till 

music & sound composition | 

 Johannes Till (GER)

light design | Steffen Huhn

premiere | HELLERAU - EZK Dresden (GER), 04./05.02.2017

on tour | 

 tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf (GER), 11./12.02.2017 / On Marche International Dance Festival Marrakesh (MAR), 08.03.2017 / Kinani Contemporary Dance Festival Maputo (MOZ), 22./26.11.2017

production | 


in the frame of l Shifting Realities -

photos | Stephan Floß

video |  Christoph Haubold

In all living creatures there exists a fragility. Somewhere between asserting one‘s own point of view and avoiding the risk of collapse, each of us emerges as an island. As we open up to the others, are we In danger of dissappearing, dissolving – our island inundated? in Fragiland, four choreographers from four different countries explore themes of fragility, racial stress, desire, and cliché.


Achse - Ader - Zeh

EZK Hellerau

concept, performance | 

Ulrike Feibig, Juliane Schmidt, Anna Till

dance |  Anna Till

text | Ulrike Feibig

stage | Juliane Schmidt

dramaturgy | Romy Weyrauch

music | Johannes Till

costume | Anna Ringat

light design | Severin Beyer

premiere | HELLERAU - EZK, Dresden (GER), 21./ 22./ 23.04.2016

produced by | Ulrike Feibig, Juliane Schmidt, Anna Till 

in cooperation with | HELLERAU - EZK Dresden, TanzNetzDresden/ LINIE08, projektschmiede gGmbH, LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Werkstattmacher e.V.

Narrating to survive, never stop moving, never standing still - always looking for the next beginning, always continuing. Continue doing, walking, talking, working, eating, producing.

The performance relates to the story telling principle of "1001 night", where Scheherazade will be killed by the king if she does`nt continue to tell a story every night, where she promises that the next story will even be more exciting.

Three artists from different fields (literature, fine arts, dance) - accompanied by a live musician - create a captivating performative continuum using language, image and movement.


EZK Hellerau

concept, performance | 

Romy Schwarzer

music | Johannes Till

Attendance on dramaturgy | Johanna Roggan

Text used |  

Chanson von Ernst Jandl

premiere | HELLERAU - EZK, Dresden (GER), 14./15.10.2016

produced by | 

LINIE 08 (a project of the TanzNetzDresden und Hellerau EZK in cooperation with the Projektschmiede GmbH)

Foto | 

Walter Bickmann

Routine. Daily life. Restrictions. Structures. Does that invoke fear or delight? Back to my childhood when I didn't have habits yet. Or away onto the next hill, just to realize that it was not the highest.

Where d d d does tiiime b b b bbegin?

And d where does thththe space end?

In the loop

EZK Hellerau

concept, performance | 

Romy Schwarzer

dance | 

Romy Schwarzer, Juliane Bauer

music | Johannes Till

attendance on dramaturgy | 

Lukas Pohlmann

costume |  

Julia Pommer

premiere | HELLERAU - EZK, Dresden (GER), 03./04.072015

produced by | 

LINIE 08 (a project of the TanzNetzDresden und Hellerau EZK in cooperation with the Projektschmiede GmbH)

Foto | 

Peter R. Fiebrig

Johannes Till © 2019

A human body is moving. That it is moving is nothing special. In the movement it is doing, its head is rarely needed. Movements follow learned patterns and experiences. In the Loop explores the rare case in which movement becomes conscious: the form that steps out of the intuitive canon. Steps follow geometries, patterns repeating, convert, complement. A choreography as a magnifying glass on the transformation of the simple movement.